April Fool SMS

U are a BITCH


r u smiling now?

2014 April Fool Sms

Good Morning SMS

The journey of LIFE is travelled only once...!So, Make TAUBAH For Past, BE THANKFULL For Present,& PARAY For The Future Because DUA is the only important element that changes destiny, Everything is" Pre-Written...!"But, with Prayers it can be" Re-Written...!"So, Live the Best& Leave the rest to GOD, May ALLAH give what is the best for you& remove all your discomforts. Please pray 4 me & my family ALLAH bless u N ur family……HAVE A VERY BLESSED MORNING

Good Night SMS

Meri sham ko sawarr Do
MeRI Raat ko qaraar do
.muje ups udhaar do
Generator se ek taar do:-P
Good night….

Valentines Quote

Every time I look at you, my heart skips a beat.
Every time I meet you, my eyes see you everywhere.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes these quotes are used for asking for forgiveness or showing your anger too, like if someone has broken your heart and you are quite upset you can easily get such quotes from the web which can mend your relationship or atleast you can express and convey your feelings on the other end.

These quotes really make sense and are mostly said by famous authors, poets and those who really think from the heart.  You name any feeling and you will get quote on it, especially on web. All the quotes are available on the web, all you need is to take out some time and explore the world of web. Here are some of the subjects on which you can easily get quotes, such as friendship, beauty, love, happiness, hope, health, dreams, wisdom, success and so many others. Your selection of quote actually reflects your thought too, so be very careful while sending any quote to your friend or loved ones.

A quote is actually a thought or saying which can be used to inspire, motivate, and encourage its reader. This thought can also be used to share happiness, and other related feelings.

These quotes are taken from literature, movies, conversation that when reflected upon bring personal motivation. Those who really mean to you, and are very dear to you, keep on expressing your feelings with the fine quotes. There are so many occasions like birthday, wedding, anniversaries, special days like valentines, mother's days, christmas, eid, diwali and others when we need special words to congratulate our loved ones.

Valentine Messages

Let’s make this valentine a day to remember, let’s become each other’s forever. A very Happy Valentines Day!

Romantic, heart or love quotes are the most favorite of the younger age group and they often use it to express their love. Share your feelings with impressive, cute, and inspiring famous quotes. Words are very important in our life, and if words are used with care then it can leave excellent impact on its reader. Some people like to collect such quotes and compile it in the form of a book too, in this way one can find these golden words at one place. These books are a great gift idea too, which is decorated with beautiful pearls of words.

There are quotes even to start a relationship like simply saying hello and expressing your love interest. Sometimes these quotes work like magic, and the trend of sending quotes is becoming quite common these days. These quotes not only change the mood of the receiver but sometimes it can bring happiness to a broken relationship. In other words, these wonderful quotes can show wonders.

Love Sayings

I Love You More than "Love"
It is impossible to capture in words the feelings I have for you
They are the strongest feelings that I have ever had about anything
yet when I try to tell you them or try to write them to you
the words do not even begin to touch the depths of my feelings
And though I cannot explain the essence of these phenomenal feelings
I can tell you what I feel like when I am with you
When I am with you it is as if I were a bird flying freely in the clear blue sky
When I am with you it is as if I were a flower opening up my petals of life
When I am with you it is as if I were the waves of the ocean crashing strongly against the shore
When I am with you it is as if I were the rainbow after the storm proudly showing my colors
When I am with you it is as if everything that is beautiful surrounds us
This is just a very small part of how wonderful I feel when I am with you
Maybe the word "love" was invented to explain the deep, all-encompassing feelings that I have for you but somehow it is not strong enough
But since it is the best word that there is let me tell you a thousand times
I love you more than "love"

Quotes play a key role when it comes to convey your feelings to your loved ones, family and friends. There are different sources to find out the best quotes, cute quotes, love quotes friendship quotes, congratulation quotes and other related quotes. One can find so many books on different type of quotes, there are magazines, and nowadays web is the best source to find out huge collection of quotes.

These quotes actually help you to wish your family and friends with such words that are spoken from the heart and touch the heart. There are short quotes as well as long quotes, too, short quotes are preferred more than the long quotes. 


As He inspired others
He had  added meaning to our life
thanks  a million to that great leader
happy Quaid  day!

As the life has become quite fast and busy these days, and it is not possible for everyone to go and wish a birthday to his or her friend with a gift, so the best way is to send a sweet sms through your mobile, or send an e mail with a lovely birthday wish quote. Same can be done on other occasions as well, which shows that you do remember your friend and want to make him or her feel special.