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” How much my thoughts are with you
As you face the days ahead;
And love will be the echo of
The words I’ve left unsaid.”


“When money talks, nobody notices what grammar it uses.”
“The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.”
Why pay money to have your family tree traced; just go into politics and your opponents will do it for you.

“Money isn’t everything: there are also charge accounts, time payments, and credit cards.”


The magnet in your eyes leave me defenseless that one motionless moment when howere four eyes meet my lungs go breathless.
By: Roshane Campbell
Even those who deceive us don’t leave us empty handed as now we have a lesson to learn from this deception.
I’m here alone,
evrythng luks black n white..with shadows on the wall,
my mind is runing wild, tryng hard not to fall..
Where r u my dear..

Best SMS for all Muslims

Namaz parte waqt agley lafz pe tawajjah rakho, is tarah doosray khayalat ruk jayen ge.

Namaz ki halat mein aankhen band karna makrooh hai.

Namaz mein jab Qayam par kharay hon tau nazren sajde ki jaga rakho.

jab rakoo karo tau paoon ke darmiyaan dekho.

jab sajda karo tau naak ki simat mein aur jab beth jao tay nazren jholi mein honi chahiyen.

Love Message

I want to tell you this Valentine Day how much do I love you. Will you please be my valentine? Happy Valentine Day

Daisy Month Messages

When April arrives I get crazy about daisy because it’s a birth flower of those who are born in April.

Holi Messages

Holi colors in the air
Holi colors everywhere
Play, dance, enjoy here and there
Happy Holi to Apnay and Ghair!!

Love Messages

My Love forYou is forever

My prayers will follow You

You go wherever

You will find me

You will need me whenever

Thought Provoking Messages

In the garden of love autumn also comes before spring so enjoy it too and never get upset.

Rose Month Messages

Don’t kill your love by not saying it as you don’t have a courage to do it, a single rose can give life to your love without saying anything.