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Best Quote

The BEST QUOTE . . . .

is not having the most beautiful

or,,,, the longest words,,,,,, but

the one dat matches our feelings

when we read it………. !!!

A Day With Smile

A beautiful smile can be best make up with no cost

Beautiful Messages

Closeness of heart has nothing to do with closeness of mind.

Beautiful Messages

Always write your sad moments with pencil so that you can erase it and forget it then and there. In this way there won’t be any sad moment to remember in your life.

Beautiful Messages

Always write your happy moments with an ink pen so that you can go through them again n again. In this way you can make your present moment happy by recalling it.

Beautiful Messages

If you wear a beautiful hat it does not make your head think beautiful. This proves that inner beauty is more important than the outer one.

Beautiful Messages

The best kingdom to rule is to rule someone’s heart.

Beautiful Message

a broken heart is like a house in process of renovation, for a while things look messed up and scattered but the result is a new look of the house, think about it!!!!!

Beautiful Messages

Where there is  love in a home, it is not only beautiful but precious too.

Beautiful Messages

I wrote on the door of Heart : “Please Do Not Enter.”

Love came Smiling and said: “Sorry, I am Illiterate.”

Beautiful Messages

“When speech comes from a quiet heart, it has the fragrance of the orchid, and the strength of rock.”