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GooD Morning Message

Jab jaag uthay wo subah ko…

Har dukh ya Rab so jaya kare,

Wo komal phoolon jaisa hai,

Koi ghum na us par aya kare,

Har subah uski aisee ho,

Ghar khushion se bhar jaya kare,

sada mukuraye uska ghar,

Har phool wahan khil jaya kare,

jab jaag uthay wo subah ko

Har ghum ya Rab so jaya kare… Ameen

Subah Bakhair

Above the dark horizon soon…..

Above the dark horizon soon
new light rays will appear.
They signify to all the world
a fresh new day is here.
The sun has risen, and its light
may bring us hope for peace–
and with a deeper faith in God,
we pray that wars may cease.
Our time on earth is but a test–
a test we must not fail.
By building values, growth in faith,
may love from hate prevail.
So each new day we start once more
with rising of the sun.
May we have gained in stature when
our final day is done

Good Morning

Good Morning

Just 4 U
Must 4 U
First 4 U
Nothing to wish
Nothing to Say
Always be Happy
Its my Pray
Have a Good Day.

Subha Ki Kiran

Subha Ki kiran boli
Uth daikh kia nazara hai
Maine kaha Ruk
Pehle SMS tou kar lo us yaar ko
jo subha se bhi pyara hai

GooD MoRnInG

Twinkle twinkle lazy star
kitna soyega uth ja yaar
up above the world so high
Sun has risen in the sky
uth ke jaldi pele chae
then call me & say hi

Happy On Every Day

Receive this gift of salam
Rapped with love
Tied with care &
Sealed with dua
To keep u safe &
Happy on every day !!!


your smile like a cell phone

A smile is like a Sim Card
and .Life is like a Mobile
if you
insert the
Sim card of a smile ,
into your cell phone
A beautiful day is
Started …
Good morning
Keep smiling
not only smiling but keeps on smiling

Good Morning | Pyari Subha


Have A Nice & Sweet Day

Good Morning Messages

Whenever I wish Good Morning to you, I really mean it as good people deserves  good wishes. Good Morning!

Good Morning Messages

When the sun of a new morning rises, it seems that nature has witched on the bulb of the whole universe. Make the most of your mornings, make it really useful. Good Morning!

Good Morning Messages

I cannot  start my day without three things

A cup of tea


And You!!!

Good Morning My Dear!!

Good Morning Messages

If you cannot change one dull morning to a colorful one, how w ill you change your life, think about it!! A very Good Morning!!

Good Morning Messages

If the start of your morning is not good, don’t worry try out different things to make it a good one. Good Morning!!

Good Morning Messages

Morning is the most beautiful moment which proves that darkness has end. Darkness can be long but never lasting. Good Morning!!

Good Morning Messages

Your world is as big as you make it. so get up from your bed now and make your world as big as you can, Good Morning!