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Let Go..

Sumtymz in order to nt fall apart…

Yeu have to let go off…

What keeps yeu together…

eight ways to EARN

1 give a copy of QURAN to someone
each time he recite you will GAIN

2 Donate a wheel chair to a hospital
each time sick person use it and you will GAIN

3 teach sum one to recite a DUA


5 Participate in Building MASJID

6 Place water cooler in a public place

7 Plant a TREE
Each time any person or animal sits in its shade
or eats form it and you will GAIN

8 share this information to others
anyone act upon it and you will GAIN

eyes speaks the truth

only eyes speaks the truth
neither the mirror nor the
the person who loves you
can see pain in your eyes
while everyone
believes in your smile

Life Quotes

Expression of the face could be
seen by everyone..
the depression of heart could be understand
by the best one. Don’t Lose them in life.

Mehanat ki Qader

Ager donia main Mehnat ki
Qadder hotee tu

GADAH (donkey) sab say zyda
izzat dar hotaa


Changing the World

Every One thinks of changing the world
But no one thinks of changing himself

People are not beautiful…!

people are not beautiful as they looks
as walk, as they wear.

people are beautiful as they love as thy are sincere,
as they care & as they share…

Faith, Trust, Hope

once all villagers decided to pray for rain
so they come out from there home and get togather
in a ground

but only one small boy bring himself an umbrella.
this is a FAITH

when we throw baby in the air baby laughs
because he knows you will caught him
this is the TRUST

every night we go to the bed and we never
expect we will wake up alive next morning
but we keeps on
planning for tomarrow
this the HOPE