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Two places are most valuable in the world…

Da sweetest iz to b in someone’z thoughts at morning time…

N…da safest iz to b in someone’z prayers at nite time…

Good Night Message

If you stand for a reason, be prepared to stand like a tree,

but if you fall on the ground, then fall as a seed, that grows back to fight again…

Good Night

Na janey konsi baat akhri ho…

Na janey konsi baat akhri ho,
Na janey konsi mulaqat akhir ho,
Ye soch kr sbko yad kr k sotey hain hum,
Pata nahi zindagi me konsi raat akhri hoti hai.
Good Night

Good Night Messages

Sweet Dreams

Good Night

Its Time to Take

A Dream Flight!!

Good Night Messages

When distance is longer then dream is the best place to meet. Good Night!!!

Good Night Messages

Sleeping time has arrived once again, just want to say Good Night before u sail in the sea of dreams once again!!!

Good Night Messages

Before you sleep sort out any quarrel, this is the secret of a good night sleep!!!