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Miss you Message







U miss me na?

Uff Allah!

Na kia karo itna yaad …

flu ho jata hai mujhe …

Funny joke

1 admi ke 4 bachey thay. Govet. ne elaan kiya k jis ke 5 bache honge, usse Rs. 20,000 monthly diya jaye ga.

Admi ne bivi ko kaha ke mera 1 beta meri girl friend se bhi hai mein usse bhi le ker ata hoon

jab woh ghar wapis aya tau uske 2 bachay kam thay.

Admi: 2 aur kahan hain?

Bivi: jis ke thay woh le gaya. tum ne akelay tau elaan nahin suna.

Funny Joke

pathan ne 1 college khola. lekin kissi ne bhi admission nahin liya. sub confused thay.




college ka naam tha

Women Degree College for Boys…!!

Good Joke

Teacher: Batao daryaaft or ejaad mein kya farq hai?

Sardar: mere baap ne meri maa ko daryaaft kya or phir…

aur phir dono ne mil kar mujhe ejaad kya……..;

Love Story

Love Story

Wo bus stop pe khari thi, main usey dekh raha tha,
wo khari thi, main himmat kr k kareeb gia or aahista se kaha
Wo muskrai main khush ho gia,
Phir us nain 10 rupe maire hath pe rakh diye,
Maine hairat se pucha ye kia?
Wo boli “Chanda”

Difference between Saali & Wife

*What is the difference between Saali & Wife*

Saali is Beauty, Wife is Duty
Saali is Pension, Wife is Tension
Saali is Yummy, Wife is Vehmi
Saali is Pataka, Wife is Dhamaka
Saali is Cool, Wife is Fool
Saali is Tooti – Fruity, Wife is Kismat Futi
Saali is Fresh cake, Wife is earth QUAKE

longest toilet in the world

which is the longest toilet
in the world.


Pakistan Railway Track

Where were you born

Teacher to Pathan

where you born?????

Pathan says Proudly.


teacher ok spell it

pathan i think i was born in N.W.F.P.

Police to Pakistani woman…!

Police to Pakistani woman you are very brave lady
How you beat the robber. I appreciate you
Really a brave lady you are

Pakistani women : I did not know he was a robber
I thought my husband came very late to home

Funny Messages

Love aj
Hate kal
Yehi toh horha hay aj kal!!

Funny Messages

The INVISIBLE MAN married an invisible woman.

The kids were nothing to look at either.

Funny Messages

My mobile phone quit as I tried to let my wife know that I was caught in traffic and would be late for our anniversary dinner. I wrote a message on my laptop asking other motorists to call her, printed it on my portable inkjet and taped it to my rear windshield.

When I finally arrived home, my wife gave me the longest kiss ever. “I really think you love me,” she said. “At least 70 people called and told me so.”

Funny Messages

An old lady was teasing a girl at the wedding that you will be the next to get married so be ready for it. The girl was literally fed up but she kept quiet at that time. One day this girl met the same lady at the funeral and took the revenge like this. ” You next! You next!”

Funny Messages

Everyone must open three factories in order to run the company of life smooth.
Ice Factory in brain
Love factory in heart
Sugar factory in your tongue
Then the life will be satis-factory!!!

Funny Messages

Boo!! boo!!!! boo!!!
I went to the zoo

There I saw a monkey
Just like u!!!