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Friendz sms

Without ur sms’z my frnd, my week dayz R like,.. Mood day,… Tear day,… Worst day,…Thirst day,… Fight day,… Suffer day,… Sad day,

I m missing U friend

Relationship Means…

Da purpose of making relationship iz not 2 have some1 who might complete U, but 2 have some1 wd whom u can share ur incompleteness


I keep myself bzy in daily life, but when 4 instant I pause, I think  about U


v d0nt remember da dayz v spend wid each 0ther,,, v remember just m0ments…

Best Friend Qoute

a best friend is the one person who knows that you are crazy but loves you anyway

Friendship Message

Every one has a best friend during each stage of life,


only the lucky one have the same friend in all stages of life……..

Kabhi kabhi main sochta hun main ne zindagi main kia kamaya?

Kabhi kabhi main sochta hun main ne zindagi main kia kamaya?



But ik Cheez


or wo b

1 se 1 Dramay Baz

When somebody who is…..

When somebody who is deeply in Love with you
tells that You are cute” beautiful” & angelic” I agree.
That”s true” Believe me” I swear because love is
definitely blind.

Friends r amazing when they r new…

Friends r amazing when they r new, they r wonderful when they r true, but do you know they r a ‘Blessing’ when they r like U.

True Friend

some thing can not be described.
some moments can not be shared.
some feelings can not be explained.
some words can not be described..
but..nothing can be hidden from a true friend.

Good Friend

I will yad u very zyada
u bhi yaad me bohat much
u are very zyada good dost of me
i think i m bhi bohat acha frnd of you
so plz don’t bhulana me
me also kabhi b nai forget u

Friend Is Born For Me

My past says u met me.
My future says u will always remember me.
My dream says u care for me.
But my heart says this friend is born for me.

Good Relations

Good Relations doesn’t need
any promises any terms or conditions..

it just need two wonderful people.
One cool like me..
one sweet like u!

Friendship Messages

Lucky are those whose family becomes their friends but the luckiest are those whose friends become their family.