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Dream Messages

Those who enjoy dreaming big are actually those who enjoy working on turning that dream into reality.

Kuch log safar k liey hotay nahin mozoon….
Kuch rastay nahi kat tay tanha usay kehna….
zarkhaiz zameenain kabhi banjar nahin hotin…
Darya hi badal laitay hain rasta usay kehna

Piyar ke deep jalane wale kuch kuch pagal hote hen,
Apni jan jalane wale kuch kuch pagal hote hen,

Hijir ke gahre zakham mile to mujh ko yeh ahisas huwa,
Paagal ko samajne wale kuch kuch pagal hote hen,

Is jhooti nagri men hum ne yehi hamesha dekha hai,
Sachi baat batane wale kuch kuch pagal hote hen,

Piyar jinhen ho jae un ko chain bhala kab ata he,
Shab bhar ashk bahane wale kuch kuch pagal hote hen,

Jan se piyaray logon se bhi kuch kuch parda lazin hai,
Saari bat batanay wale kuch kuch pagal hote hen,

Us ke ashkoon men bheeg ke aahy aahy haahy ham,
hum ko yeh ehsas huwa, Dil ki nagri lutanay wale kuch kuch pagal hote heni


Us nay door rahnay ka
Mashwara bhi likkha hai
Sath he muhabbat ka
Wasta bhi likkha hai
Us nay yah bhi likkha hai
Meray ghar nahin aana
Saaf saaf lafzon mein
Raasta bhi likkha hai
Kuch huroof likkhay hain
Zabt ki naseehat mein
Kuch huroof mein us nay
Hosla bhi likkha hai
Shukriya bhi likkha hai
Dil say yaad karnay ka
Dil say dil ka hai kitna
Faasla bhi likkha hai


“Dream big and dare to fail, for the greatest dreams often start as the smallest seeds.”


“Your dreams are the whispers of your soul; listen closely and follow where they lead.”


“Let your dreams be your wings. Fly high and embrace the limitless possibilities of tomorrow.”


“Dreams are not just wishes; they are the blueprints for your future. Keep dreaming and keep building.”


“In the quiet of the night, may your dreams inspire you, and in the light of day, may they come true.”


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