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VALENTINE’S DAY! the exceptional day of year when we reveal our love for someone we truly love. We share love, gifts, cards or some by giving chocolates. How did this festival begin? let’s see. . . . .

There comes a day every year on February 14th when people express their love exceptionally for one another. They spend time together, send warmth and fragrance of flowers, share happy moments with each other. This trend of sharing love and liking goes far away the fondness of Chaucer’s time. He was probably the first person who linked saint valentine with romance, but today Valentine’s Day is a time of year when you can express your love whether it be your friend or relative or spouse.

You may remember school days, when you passed around heart shaped candies with Valentine’s Day messages, and now as time has passed, trend also changed. Now Valentine cards have taken place. This day of love is a wonderful opportunity to share Valentine’s Day quotes and messages with all the people you truly care about. Even better, you can send your Valentine’s Day message with a dozen red roses to show your liking. There could be many ways.


 How this fest began?

Have you ever thought of how this fest began? Many of people have this question in their minds. You celebrate festivals and historical days with enthusiasm and zest when you know their history. You celebrate it like it comes right from heart.it evoke pure love and affection when you know about the importance of that day.so before sharing all the stuff related to Valentine’s month, you must know how it began?


Folks tell many stories from where this Valentine’s Day came?  It was time of Claudius who used to forbid soldiers to marry as he had a conviction that they could fight better as a single than married. Valentine did not agree to his term and conditions. He secretly arranged marriage ceremonies for people who truly love each other. The day when empire came to know about this, he got all angry and ordered to sentence him to death as a punishment. While staying at jail valentine fell in love with jailor’s daughter. He used to teach her and they would share love letters and fell deeply in love with each other. Valentine lost his life in this cause and he wrote a last letter to her signed “From Your Valentine”. That’s how concept of valentine emerged.

Day when it was made official:

As an honor to valentine for his efforts, this day was made official to celebrate as day of love.


People have wrong notion about this day that why should we express love only on this day? Love has no boundaries. Despite negotiation people celebrate this whole week excitedly. They all bring gifts and cards and what not to their beloved ones. Things couldn’t get easier now.

Valentine’s week days:

Valentine week has following days list:

  • Rose Day
  • Propose Day
  • Chocolate Day
  • Teddy Day
  • Promise Day
  • Hug Day
  • Kiss Day
  • Valentine ’s Day

In order before the big Valentine’s Day comes.


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