When on Valentine’s Day most of the couples would be having great time at different places, expressing their love, and strengthening their bond. On one side, there would be those who must be sending sweet valentine sms to each other, exchanging gifts, flowers, chocolates and stuff toys to each other. On the other side, there would be those who will just be listening to romantic songs, watching romantic tv plays or a movie, or just spend this so called special day thinking that we are alone this year too. There can be different reasons for this loneliness; like may be some of us don’t believe in such things as valentine, or may be we like it but are bound to our family values and can’t celebrate it like others, there can be many who just broke up with someone. Then there are those who are married and think that importance of this day dies as soon as they get married. Such husbands are used to of hearing this from their wives that when they were engaged they used to say I love u so many times. In most cases, some wives take it so much on their nerves that they stop talking to their husbands, they should not forget the care of their hubby they did for the rest of the 364 days. Those who celebrate it have a reason to celebrate it and those who are not have a reason too. The question is, are they both happy?
I read hundred of quotes and sayings on Valentine’s Day available on the web which guys and girls send to each other. I also noticed the frequent misuse of those precious and magical three words “I Love You”. Overuse of “I Love You” is as dangerous as no use of it at all, like if you like chocolates and your chill box is full of it these days, you won’t be much tempted towards it.
I have a very good friend, both of us think we are just friends but actually I like him, he hardly say words like love u or miss u. I used to get upset as I always expected to hear such words from him as I used to miss him a lot, he never did and he never said. I am a great fan of words, as words are life. I have a chatty nature, as all girls usually are chatty by nature. One day I realized something which was so true that sometimes words are not important as “The best feelings are those that have no words to describe them…” Majority of guys don’t speak their heart, so if you have such guy in life, don’t keep on complaining for why he doesn’t express the way you express.

And, if you don’t have anyone in life, and you are depressed or down on Valentine’s Day, don’t get upset, as ‘heer’, ‘ranjha’ never celebrated valentine’s day but are still an example for the lovers. The ‘ranjhas’ and ‘heers’ of today have two to three ‘heers’ and ‘ranjhas’ in cue when it comes to valentine, especially when it comes to date with a girl, every guy’s definition of enough is different.

Having ‘someone special’ in life is important but spoiling your present in search of perfect love is nothing but waste of time, as love finds you, you don’t search for it. I am one of those girls who think that instead of celebrating valentine with a new guy every year, why not celebrate it after marriage with the same guy for life. Agreed or not with my idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day, wish everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day.
Most people find it difficult to express their love, as there is always a war of should I tell her or should I tell him going on in their hearts. A friend of mine was going through the same phase, so she called me up and asked for my opinion about this matter. This matter of heart about which she was quite confused and worried too as she was in love with a guy but she was not bold enough to tell this to her love.

I just asked her what she does if she is angry with anyone whether she holdback or flare up with anger. I already knew her answer as I know her quite well and it’s a human nature. Of course, she gets angry as much as she can, like everyone else and she never think that whether she should get angry over certain thing or not.

“Why do you think too much before expressing your love then?” She had nothing to say as I was right, and this is how she got the courage to express her love.
She is married now with the same guy and has a lovely daughter too.

Moral of the story is “Think twice if you are angry with anyone, but don’t think too much if you love someone just say it, just say it today.


Matches are Made in Heaven
I met him online for the first time on a networking site. We used to chat for hours as we had so much common. I just saw a glimpse of his face when he shared his photo with me. Everything was going fine and he suddenly stopped coming online. I used to go online in hope of seeing him again but he never showed up, and it seemed he will never come back in my life again so I stopped using that networking site. It is said ‘matches are made in heaven’ and I firmly believe in this cliché. One day, I joined a matrimonial site where guys can approach girls for marriage and girls can approach guys for the same. I received a message from the same guy as his photo was there too. I replied him with a note that I already know him. He told me that he got severely injured in a road accident and that’s why he could not communicate with me. Guess what, when he recovered he tried to find me too but as I was no more on that site he could not find me. Now we met again and are together for two years and this time forever. Ankita 24 India.

My 5 PM Walk
As soon as the clock strike five in the evening I leave everything and forget all the work as it’s the time to go for a regular walk in a nearby park. I am not so health conscious then why do I go there? My sister often asks me this question, and I have one answer for that to meet the love of my life as I know he will come there someday. I want to wish this valentine to the love of my life who is still a stranger to me or maybe he will make his way to this park at 5 PM someday, sometime maybe on this Valentine. Nadia 27, Pakistan.

‘Love at first sight’ is a phrase, everyone is familiar with. The common perception of love is that love is a mutual feeling between two persons of the opposite sex. But, it is not the right perception. Love is a very vast term and in fact a feeling. Love can be among parents and the kids, among the siblings and among the friends as well. You cannot limit love by saying that it can only be between a boy friend and a girl friend.

Now coming to the phrase, ‘Love at First sight’, this is not always true. For some it can be depending on the various factors. For example, you see someone, and you think that you have fallen in love with that person because of his/her fascinating beauty and personality, but then you don’t meet that person again ever for whatever reasons. That person stays on your mind for some months, and then you also tend to stop thinking about that person. So what is that? Is that a crush or ‘love at first sight’? If you had met that person somewhere couple of times more, then your love would have bloomed and the story would have been entirely different.

Therefore, we can come to the conclusion that ‘love at first sight’ is just a phrase and in the real world things are quite different from what we dream of. We have to live our life in the right way and by not running after the wrong ideas.

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